Dialogue activities in the times of the coronavirus pandemic

COVID-19: All upcoming events by the Dialogue on the Economics of Climate Change are cancelled or postponed for the time being. Nevertheless, Dialogue activities will continue and explore the effects of the corona pandemic on climate change and climate policy.


Open editorial: "We need a climate check"

The German Corona-stimulus-package announced in early June 2020 should be supported by a fast-track climate-test that would help to make investments’ climate risks transparent and channel investment into technologies with low carbon intensity. DiaKlim-members, Gernot Klepper (IfW Kiel), Christine Merk (IfW Kiel), Karen Pittel (ifo) & Frank Wätzold (BTU-Cottbus-Senftenberg), explain how this would support long-term climate goals, and avoid stranded assets in an Op-Ed for Süddeutsche Zeitung.

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Carbon pricing

Panel discussion moderated by Carolin Roth with Klaus Mindrup (MdB), Sylvia Kotting-Uhl (MdB) and Ottmar Edenhofer (MCC & PIK).

The importance of the exchange of information and discussion between the various social stakeholders became clear at the 6th Climate Forum titled "Carbon pricing - from theory to practice"

Postponed events due to COVID-19

The event series Forum Climate Economics, which emphasizes the personal interactions between participants, will be paused for the time being. The 7th Forum Climate Economics “Fossil Fuel Phase-out and Just Transformation” planned for May 5th, 2020, is re-scheduled for October 12th, 2020, in the hope that by autumn meetings like the Forum will be possible again.

All other events of the Dialogue on the Economics of Climate Change will either be cancelled, postponed, or be carried out in virtual formats.  More…

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The Dialogue

The future development of climate change strongly depends on the current decisions about investments, consumption and regulation in the economy, society and politics. At the same time all areas area already affected by climate change impacts. However, knowledge about their interrelation and the efficient instruments for practicable climate policy are often missing. Therefore, the BMBF funding measure Economics of Climate Change II  sponsors 29 research projects that provide solution-oriented knowledge in the field of climate economics.

Dialog bei der Kick-off Konferenz

The multitude of results will be communicated beyond the boundaries of the research community. In order to support this transfer of knowledge and to intensify the exchange between scientists and practitioners, the funding measure is supported by the Dialogue on the Economics of Climate Change. Invited to dialogue with climate economists are societal, commercial and (non-)governmental stakeholders.

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