Parliamentary Breakfast

Greenhouse gas neutrality: climate protection, residual emissions and atmospheric carbon dioxide removal

26 Nov 2019
10117 Berlin
Luisenstraße 19
Invitation only

To achieve the climate goals of the Paris Agreement, it is no longer enough to solely reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, it is necessary to compensate residual emissions and actively remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The parliamentary breakfast under the patronage of Sylvia Kotting-Uhl (chairwoman of the Committee on the Evironment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety) invited members of the German parliament and their subject specialists to discuss greenhouse gas neutrality. Jan Minx (head of the working group Applied Sustainability Science at MCC Berlin) and Oliver Geden (head of the research group EU/Europe at SWP) shared their professional expertise in order to discuss the following questions: How can negative emissions and residual emissions be equilibrated? What are the potentials of carbon dioxide removal? And what do these measures implicate for German and European climate policy? The event was organized by Executive Board members as part of the Dialogue on the Economics of Climate Change.