Living with Sea Level Rise: Approaches to Coastal Adaptation

01 Jun 2021

As part of this year's ECCA, the European Climate Change Adaptation Conference
(www.ecca21.eu), projects from the thematic focus Dealing with Climate Risks, designed a 2.5 hour webinar on "Living with Sea Level Rise"

In this webinar, activities to adapt to sea level rise were explained and discussed with the audience by comparing the political cycles and scientific engagement in three European countries (UK, Germany and the Nether­lands), some of which have very different approaches. Keynote speakers were Dr. Marjolijn Haasnoot (lead author of the IPCC AR6 WG-II), Prof. Robert Nicholls (University of East Anglia), Prof. Annemiek Roeling (Science Coordinator of the Dutch Delta Programme) and Dr. Jacobus Hofstede (Ministry of Energy Transition, Agriculture, Environment, Nature and Digitalisation of the State of Schleswig-Holstein). The funding priority Economics of Climate Change was represented by Prof. Katrin Rehdanz (GoCaose project).