Virtual Climate Breakfast

On Course for Climate Neutrality: What Measures do the New Climate Targets Need?

31 May 2021

From the increased ambitions in the EU's Green Deal to the ruling of the German Constitutional Court and the amendment of the Climate Protection Act: Five years after the signing of the Paris Climate Agreement, more ambitious climate targets have now been defined. What matters now are the measures and instruments. Experts discussed what is important from a scientific perspective at the DKK Climate Breakfast.

Dr. Jessica Strefler, Prof. Gernot Klepper and Dr. Robert Pietzcker presented initial assessments of the effects of the new climate targets and the climate policy instruments required to achieve them at the virtual press briefing organized jointly with the German Climate Consortium (DKK). This was done under the following questions: How will the goal of climate neutrality by 2045 affect consumers and the economy? How do the tightened targets relate to the climate targets of the Paris Agreement and the EU? How does the interaction between European emissions trading and German climate protection measures work? And what role will the CO2 price in European emissions trading and the national CO2 price for buildings and transport play?

Core theses, presentation slides and videos of the presentations can be found provided on the DKK website. (In German only.)