Workshop and discussion

Simulation game „climate cabinet“: simulation games and participation – possibilities of climate policy sensitization at extracurricular venues

24 Mar 2020
Didacta, Landesmesse Stuttgart, Halle 8, 8D48

The KLIMA ARENA in Sinsheim, the „Dialogue on the Economics of Climate Change" (BMBF) and the Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim are dealing with climate change in their work. The different perspectives on the common topic make it possible to combine the latest scientific findings on climate change with a strategy for knowledge transfer and make them accessible to schoolchildren in the form of a simulation game. For this purpose, the research results from different projects of the Dialogue on the Economics of Climate Change will be bundled and clearly communicated in a simulation „game Climate Cabinet“. At the education fair didacta, the state of development of the simulation game will be presented and discussed.