Climate Cabinet Simulation Game

How can National Climate Policy Succeed?

13 Nov 2020
Wilhelmini Gymnasium Sinsheim

Germany has set itself the goal of becoming a climate neutral country by 2050. But what does that mean in concrete terms? What can and must we do to achieve this? What hurdles are we facing and how can we overcome them? How must the various political instruments and measures be coordinated to achieve the goals agreed in the Paris Agreement?

In order to answer these questions for the various nationally regulated sectors of the economy and social coexistence, the so-called Climate Cabinet was founded: In the simulation game "Climate Cabinet", high school students from the Wilhelmini High School in Sinsheim slipped into the roles of the ministers themselves and experienced the political process of the cabinet at first hand. They dealt with the various possibilities and difficulties of national climate policy and tried to decide on the best possible climate (protection) package for Germany.

The simulation game "Klimakabinett" was developed in cooperation of theme 2 of the "Dialogue on Climate Economics" and the extracurricular learning venue "Klimaarena Sinsheim". Besides knowledge about the political process, it imparts important basics of climate economic research to pupils and students.