Event Formats

The Dialogue on the Economics of Climate Change organizes a wide variety of events bringing together representatives from industry, non-governmental and governmental organizations, civil society, the media, and academia.

Recent research results are presented and discussed. The main aim is to enable a dialogue between climate scientists and stakeholders on topics that are relevant to climate decision-making processes and policies.

Forum Climate Economics

The heart of the Dialogue on the Economics of Climate Change is the event series Forum Climate Economics – a platform that gives scientists and practitioners the opportunity to exchange views on current topics in the debate on climate and energy policies – with two events per year.

During the first phase of the BMBF funding measure Economics of Climate Change five Fora have already taken place. The 10th Forum Climate Economics will take place on November 22, 2021.

Thematic workshops

Various scientific workshops will be organized within the themes of the BMBF funding measure Economics of Climate Change II to give researchers the opportunity to exchange views on methodological and content-related issues. In order to connect the results of individual projects and work towards solutions, overarching topics will be identified.

The aim of the workshops is to develop common positions and contributions to current topics in energy and climate policy debates.

Climate cabinet simulation game

In March 2019, the German federal government established the so-called "Climate Cabinet". The goal of the ministers represented in the cabinet is to implement effective climate policy. The Climate Foundation for Citizens Sinsheim and ZEW Mannheim developed a simulation game for pupils which makes climate policy decision-making processes tangible and conveys climate economics in a vivid way.

The simulation game was developed by a team of the Climate Foundation for Citizens Sinsheim and the ZEW Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research in Mannheim in more than two years of close cooperation. Researchers from the BMBF-project Dialogue on the Economics of Climate Change worked together with experts on sustainability didactics to develop a game format that encourages pupils to take an in-depth look at ecological, social and economic aspects of climate policy. They learn about the German political system, the various impact dimensions of climate policy measures and the associated conflicts of goals and interests, among others. By weighing different perspectives and measures, the pupils gain an understanding that climate policy issues must be viewed holistically and can only be successfully implemented by finding political majorities.

PhD workshops

Starting in 2020, workshops will be offered specifically for the promotion of early career scientists, for example to impart climate-economic research methods.

In addition, young researchers will be prepared for the challenges of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research and be counselled on different career development pathways.

Other event formats

The Dialogue on the Economics of Climate Change will take part in various national and international events.