For Early-Career Researchers

The events and workshops for early-career researchers from the funding measure provide an introduction to transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary research. Currently, seminars on soft skills, career perspectives and popular science writing are planned. In addition, there are workshops where PhD candidates can present their dissertation projects and discuss them with experienced scholars. The Dialogue also offers a forum for the exchange among the early-career researchers and with experts on research methods and the challenges linked to transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary research.

Furthermore, the events from the climate dialogue provide opportunities for PhD-candidates to connect and network with stakeholders from politics, industry and civil society.

Current information about the offers for early-career researchers and upcoming events, can be found on our website or in our regular early-career-newsletter. To register, please send an email to E-Mail Address protected. Please enable Javascript.

Upcoming Workshops

Information about external seminars

MAGKS Course in Kassel "Applied econometric analysis of stated choice data"

30. March - 3. April 2020 & 9. - 10. July 2020, Kassel

Interested early-career researchers of the funding measure can participate in the seminar on stated choice Experimenten organized by the University of Kassel. More information can be found on the  MAGKS Website.


EAERE Summer School “Economic implication of climate change"

28. June - 4. July 2020, Venice

The Summer School “Economic implication of climate change – Integrating the micro and macro dimension in data, modelling and approaches”  of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists is organized at the Venice International University in 2020. Application Deadline: 1.4.2020. More informationen here.

Further educational resources


Deutsches Klimakonsortium (DKK)  MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) etc.