Forum Climate Economics 7

Fossil Fuel Phase-out and Just Transformation

12 Oct 2020
10117 Berlin
Kalkscheune, Johannisstraße 2
Invitation only

The phasing out of fossil fuels poses a major political challenge. On the one hand, the goal of a phase-out by 2050 is necessary and can be implemented cost-effectively; on the other hand, the prospect of a phase-out of fossil fuels triggers protests in the affected areas and population groups. It is therefore of particular importance to ensure a socially just phase-out process to win the approval of the general public.

Therefore, the next Forum Climate Economics of the Dialogue on the Economics of Climate Change will combine practical research results with socio-political discourses for a fair phase-out of fossil fuels. The discussion will focus on scenarios for a phase-out of fossil fuels by 2050 in the context of the Paris Agreement.

The focus within this framework is on 1) the effects of phasing out fossil fuels in different sectors of the economy, 2) the distribution effects of this phase-out with a view, for example, to unemployment and income distributions in regions whose economy is particularly intertwined with the production or use of fossil fuels, and 3) regional effects with a particular focus on the political economy of phasing out fossil fuels. In this context, knowledge and experience from past structural change processes in Germany and from international examples will be used. The aim is to develop concrete and goal-oriented visions and measures for sustainable and just transformation processes on the basis of these discussions.

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