Forum Climate Economics 7

Fossil Fuel Phase-out and Just Transition

12 Oct 2020
10117 Berlin
Kalkscheune, Johannisstraße 2
Invitation only

The climate targets of the Paris Agreement will not be attainable without an extensive fossil fuel phase-out. Where do we stand? How far reaching is the current German climate legislation, not least in context of the recent debate regarding the tightening of the European climate targets? How will the COVID crisis and the associated economic measures alter the possibility for climate policy actions? And how can the structural change be designed in a socially just way to ensure that the burden is stemmed by the entire society? These and more questions will be discussed in the 7th Forum Climate Economics on October 12th, 2020. In exchange with renowned guests like Stefanie Hiesinger, member of the cabinet of Frans Timmermans (Executive Vice President of the European Commission on the European Green Deal) we want your input to develop a goal-oriented package of measures for a sustainable and just transition process for the fossil-fuel phase out.

The 7th Forum Climate Economics can be watched online via livestream or for a limited number of participants live – in compliance to the standing hygiene and distancing rules.

A background paper to the Forum Climate Economics 7 discusses various aspects that need to be considered when phasing out fossil energy use in order to achieve ambitious climate protection goals. Note that this background paper is only available in German.

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