2nd virtual PhD-Seminar

Financial Markets in the Transition to a Carbon Neutral Economy

22 Apr 2021

Kai Lessmann (PIK), Christine Merk (IfW Kiel), Karsten Neuhoff (DIW Berlin) and Franziska Schütze (DIW Berlin) are organizing the second virtual PhD-Seminar on “Financial Markets in the Transition to a Carbon Neutral Economy”. Early-career researchers could submit topic-related paper drafts or full papers on numerical, theoretical or empirical modelling. This includes analyses of the financial system or specific financial actors (e.g. public banks, private banks or asset managers) at different regional or governance levels (national, EU, international, global), as well as cross-cutting issues, such as non-financial reporting or risk analysis (e.g. stranded assets) and risk management.

All PhD-students and early-career Postdocs working in projects in the funding measure Economics of Climate Change could apply. At the Seminar, they can present their work and receive feedback from senior researchers in the field and the other participants. It will be an informal setting to present and discuss existing research and work in progress. Also, the political and societal relevance of the research and how to communicate them to stakeholders will play an important role at the Seminar.