1st virtual PhD-Seminar

Economics of Fossil Fuel Phase-out

20 Nov 2020

At the first virtual PhD-seminar on the "Economics of Fossil Fuel Phase-out" early-career researchers, Christian Hauenstein (HU Berlin), Martin Kittel (DIW Berlin), Angelika Vogt (HU Berlin) and Leonard Göke (TU Berlin), presented drafts or full papers on the topic of phasing out fossil fuels to around 20 interested listeners. The methodological focus of the call for papers ranged from numerical and theoretical modeling to empirical analysis.

The Seminar offered the opportunity to present research results and ongoing work in an informal setting and to receive detailed feedback from Karen Pittel (ifo), Christian von Hirschhausen (TU Berlin) and Alex Schmitt (ifo) as well as the other participants. A special focus was on discuss about the political and social relevance of the participants’ research. The organizers, Karen Pittel (ifo), Christian von Hirschhausen (TUB) and Christine Merk (IfW Kiel), were enthusiastic about the lively exchange that developed between participants and discussants both in the plenary sessions and in the Breakout Groups dedicated to the single papers. According to Karen Pittel, "the presentations showed not only the high scientific level of research activities in the projects on the 'Economics of Climate Change' but also that the early-career researchers draw their inspiration from real-world problems and political debates. Accordingly, one focus of the discussion was on how to increase the relevance of research, communicate the research results to stakeholders and integrate them into political processes".

Plans for a further edition of the seminar in digital format are already underway, with initial information to follow shortly by e-mail. If you would like to be included in the mailing list, please contact E-Mail Address protected. Please enable Javascript..