Virtual PhD-Seminar

Economics of Fossil Fuel Phase-out

20 Nov 2020

Karen Pittel (ifo), Christian von Hirschhausen (TUB) and Christine Merk (IfW Kiel) organized the first virtual PhD-Seminar on the Economics of Fossil Fuel Phase-out. Early-career researchers have been invited to submit paper drafts or full papers on numerical, theoretical or empirical modeling of topics related to fossil-fuel phase out. This included sectoral analyses (coal, fossil natural gas, fossil oil), any combination of sectors and cross-cutting issues, different regional or governance levels (national, EU, international, global), policy and political-economy analyses as well as other issues related to micro- or macroeconomic effects, fuel substitution, stranded assets etc.

At the Seminar, the early-career researchers could present their work and receive feedback from senior researchers in the field and the other participants. It was an informal setting to present and discuss existing research and work in progress. A special focus was on talking to the participants about political and social relevance of their research.