Online PhD Workshop

Successful Academic Research in Climate Economics

03 - 04 Jun 2020

*Due to the Covid19 pandemic, the PhD workshop took place as a two-day online event.*

This hands-on online workshop in English introduced the participating PhD students to the basics of successful career development in academic research.

After a short round of introduction, the first day started with several lectures by Frank Wätzold on the basics of scientific research and successful career development in the field of climate economics. After a welcome address by Dr. Nannette Lindenberg (DLR-PT), the workshop focused on the topic “experience with respect to the science-policy/society-interface“ to raise participants’ awareness of the necessity to communicate climate economics to society and to propose ways for successful implementation. Dr. Carsten Neßhöver (Sachverständigenrat für Umweltfragen/ Umweltbundesamt) shared in his guest lecture his experience in this field.

On the second day of the workshop the participants had the opportunity to present parts of their PhD research in order to receive feedback from senior researchers. After their presentations, Kati Krähnert and Lemlem Habtemariam alternated in giving feedback as discussants before all participants had the chance to comment on the presented research.