The Dialogue on the Economics of Climate Change and the projects of the funding measure Economics of Climate Change produce a large number of publications - articles in scientific journals and other media.

Here you can find the latest publications in scientific journals of the projects of the funding measure Economics of Climate Change.

Bertram, C., Luderer, G., Creutzig, F., Bauer, N., Ueckerdt, F., Malik, A., Edenhofer, O. (2021):
COVID-19-induced low power demand and market forces starkly reduce CO2 emissions. Nature Climate Change 11: 193–196. 

Brauers, H. (2022):
Natural Gas as a Barrier to Sustainability Transitions? A Systematic Mapping of the Risks and ChallengesEnergy Research & Social Science 89: 102538.

Engler, D., Groh, E. D., Gutsche, G., Ziegler, A. (2021):
Acceptance of climate-oriented policy measures under the COVID-19 crisis: an empirical analysis for Germany. Climate Policy.

Frondel, M., Kükenthal, V.C., Larysch, T., Osberghaus, D. (2021):
Wahrnehmung des Klimawandels in Deutschland: Eine Längsschnittbefragung privater Haushalte. Zeitschrift für Energiewirtschaft 45: 119-131.

Kesternich, M., Löschel, A., Ziegler, A. (2021):
Negotiating Weights for Burden Sharing Rules in International Climate Negotiations: An Empirical Analysis. Environmental Economics and Policy Studies 23(2): 309-331.

Kraehnert, K., Osberghaus, D., Hott, C., Habtemariam, L.T., Wätzold, F., Hecker, L.P., Fluhrer, S. (2021):
Insurance Against Extreme Weather Events: An Overview. Review of Economics 72(2): 71–95. 

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Here you can find the latest contributions for discussion and policy advice of the 29 projects of the funding measure Economics of Climate Change.

Frondel, M., Kussel, G., Larysch, T., Osberghaus, D. (2021):
Climate policy in times of the corona pandemic: Empirical evidence from Germany. SFB 823 Discussion Paper Nr. 07/21.

Frondel, M., Osberghaus, D., Sommer, S. (2021):
Corona and the Stability of Personal Traits and Preferences: Evidence from Germany. Ruhr Economic Papers No. 903.

Manstetten, R., Kuhlmann, A., Faber, M., Frick, M. (2021):
Grundlagen sozial-ökologischer Transformationen: Gesellschaftsvertrag, Global Governance und die Bedeutung der Zeit. ZEW Discussion Paper No. 21-034.

Minx, J. C., Colell, A. (2020):
The Plan for a Circular Carbon Economy. The market for captured CO2 products could be worth $1 trillion. [22.01.2020].

Rottner, E., von Graevenitz, K. (2021): 
What Drives Carbon Emissions in German Manufacturing: Scale, Technique or Composition? ZEW Discussion Paper No. 21-027.  

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