Energy Supply in Germany Secured Even Without Natural Gas From Russia

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The Russian war of aggression on Ukraine and Germany's dependence on energy supplies from Russia require a rethink: While the debate about an immediate energy embargo is boiling up, Russia could also stop its supplies at any time. Until now, Germany has purchased around 55 percent of its natural gas from Russia. DIW Berlin has developed scenarios for how the German energy system could become independent of these imports as quickly as possible in the European context: On the supply side, deliveries from other natural gas exporting countries could compensate for some of the Russian exports. Security of supply would be significantly strengthened if the pipeline and storage infrastructure were used more efficiently. On the demand side, there is a short-term savings potential of 19 to 26 percent of current natural gas demand. In the medium term, a push toward renewable heat supply and higher energy efficiency is particularly necessary. If potential savings are maximized and at the same time supplies from other natural gas supplier countries are expanded as far as technically possible, Germany's supply of natural gas will be secure in the current year and in the coming winter of 2022/23 even without Russian imports.


Franziska Holz
Robin Sogalla
Christian von Hirschhausen
Claudia Kemfert


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