TapD2- Tapping the Double Dividend: Household Energy in Developing Countries, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Start of Project 10/2018
End of Project 04/2022

Climate policy often does not consider the energy demand of households for cooking in developing countries in spite of its substantial contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. The project examines the extent to which improved cooking stoves (ICS) in rural Senegal can reduce both emissions and poverty. Market barriers for the introduction of ICS and effects of two different ICS types on emissions and health are analysed.

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Update on the project´s process

Projekt Status

Data collection and analysis has been completed and results are currently being prepared for publications.

Central Results

A simple and low-cost, improved biomass stove and a more costly, advanced biomass stove yielded similar effects under real-life usage by households. Both improved stoves substantially curbed households’ firewood consumption but did not observably improve air quality, personal exposures to pollution, or women’s health. 
The low-cost stove can be an important bridge technology on the path towards cleaner cooking, that reduces household drudgery burdens and pressures on scarce fuelwood resources. 
Air pollution in kitchens in rural Senegal massively exceeds the World Health Organisation’s safe levels. Yet, a very open kitchen has only half the particulate matter concentration of a closed kitchen. We advocate extending debates and policies for cleaner cooking beyond the current strong focus on stove technology. 

Our results furthermore show that private-sector actors can be leveraged to enhance uptake of welfare-improving technologies if liquidity and information constraints are sufficiently relaxed. 



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