Start of Project 01/2019
End of Project 09/2022

The Project TRACE examines instruments such as the European Emissions Trading Scheme, the German Renewable Energy Sources Act and electricity network charges with regard to their influence on the competitiveness and energy consumption of the German industry. In addition effects of climate policy regulations on the labour market are analyzed. The results can contribute to the improved design of climate policy regulation.

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Main Findings

  • Emissions from German industry have increased since 2005, even though emission intensity has decreased.
  • Higher electricity costs reduce electricity con­sumption, but negative effects on turn­over or employ­ment are neither eco­no­mic­ally nor statistically significant.
  • Significantly more employees now work in occupations with climate protection ac­tivi­ties than 10 years ago. The re­gional dis­tribution of climate-friendly and -harmful oc­cupations is similar.