Subject Dossier

Dealing with climate risks

This theme focusses on economic and social consequences and costs of climate change and strategies to adapt to climate change impacts.

Consequences and costs of climate change

The overall aim is to improve the integrated assessment of the impacts and costs of climate change including the benefits of climate protection by avoiding damages and adaptation costs. The sound scientific assessment of climate change damages is important to illustrate the benefits of ambitious climate protection. This is especially relevant for international climate policy due to the lack of obligations and sanctioning mechanisms in the Paris Agreement.
Findings from natural science research will be integrated into broader socio-economic analyses. The generated insights will serve as a decision-making basis for stakeholders from society, businesses and governments.

Adaptation to climate change

Adaptation to climate change is not only about improving resilience and reducing vulnerability, but also about the capacity to avoid and cope with losses and damages. Therefore, the theme will focus on the actual reduction of vulnerability and on institutional measures for dealing with climate risks.