CLIC- Climate Impact Chains in a Globalized World: a Challenge for Germany

Start of Project 11/2018
End of Project 04/2022

The project CLIC considers the transboundary impacts of climate change on economic activity in Germany. These indirect climate impacts affect the German economy via trade links. The aim of the project is to evaluate these effects in order to develop recommendations for reducing risks and making better use of opportunities.

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Update on the project´s process

The first results of a regression estimation show that bilateral trade flows are negatively affected in the short run by exceptionally high temperatures in the exporting country. The results of modeling in the project suggest that the economic shocks of different extreme weather events interact and resonate with each other along supply and trade chains, both spatially and temporally. At the global level, consumption losses are amplified by such resonances by an average of 18% compared to losses caused by a single type of extreme weather event. It has also been shown that the expectation of climate damage can lead to lower profit expectations and thus lower investment, which in turn can lead to further production losses. Economically optimal climate protection measures, however, can counteract this productively. Looking only at Germany, it can be seen that the vulnerability of supplier countries to the effects of climate change has increased, particularly in the areas of IT and communications equipment and clothing. 


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